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“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.”

~Leon Levinstein


Roxanne’s approach to photography is intuitive and explorative. She heads out to shoot without any preconceived notion of what she will end up with. Roxanne lets her surroundings, whether nature, architecture or the street, call her to attention.


Often attracted by light, shadow, line, color, feeling or some small detail that can be transformed from something ordinary into something extraordinary, Roxanne’s photographs often dance on the edge between abstract and reality by minimalizing what remains in the scene. She strives to capture a feeling of awe, questioning or beauty, inviting the viewer to stop for a moment…not just to look but to really see.


Roxanne has been capturing images for over 15 years and maintains an active web site and social media presence. In 2005, she enrolled part-time in the arts program at the University of Maine at Augusta while working full-time in a different profession. With perseverance and a passionate commitment to her photography, Roxanne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts degree in May 2017. She will be transitioning into photography as her full-time vocation in the near future.









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